What is IUI?

Conceiving a baby naturally could be a difficult task for couples ailing from various fertility disorders. The medical science has presented various treatments for such couples.  Treatments, where the problem of fertility in the male member or the female member is treated and the couples are blessed with the joy of parenting.  One such treatment is the Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI). VenusIVF is the Best IUI Treatment in Nepal

Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) also known as artificial insemination is a treatment where the concentrated sperm is positioned in the uterus just about at the same time as the egg is released by the ovary. This shortens the movement of the sperm to fertilize the egg and avoids any possible obstacles. This increases the chances of getting pregnant.

Intra Uterine Insemination in Nepal is one of the leading institutions offering IUI treatment as they are performed by experts and professionals with the use of latest and advanced technologies.


Who is suitable for IUI Treatment?

Both male and female members suffering from infertility disorders may be recommended for IUI. The conditions are categorized separately for men and women.

Conditions for men

  • Male dysfunction or Failure to ejaculate
  • Low sperm count
  • Poor sperm quality
  • The inability of sperm to penetrate into the uterus
  • Anti-sperm antibodies
  • Use of frozen semen for IUI in future in cases where the male partner is away or undergoing some long-term medical treatment

Conditions for women

  • If sexual pain makes intercourse not possible
  • Women with mild Endometriosis
  • Treatment by the use of a sperm donor
  • Cervical troubles including hostile cervical mucus

Sometimes conditions like unexplained infertility apply to both.

Why do you cramp after IUI?

Intra Uterine Insemination is a process which involves artificial fertilization with the use of needles, drugs and such other medical tools. Generally, during or after the completion of the procedure women find it painful to go through cramps. Certain reasons why cramping is common in IUI treatment are listed below:

  • During IUI treatment the catheter is being passed through the cervix for injecting the sperm, cramps may occur. This cramp is usually for a short term and it should go away just as the doctor removes the catheter
  • Mild cramping after IUI is experienced by some women because the irritation caused to the uterus by the catheter
  • Abdominal cramping may be caused by ovulation. Usually taking medication to induce ovulation may result in ovulation of multiple follicles which may increase ovulation pain or cramping
  • If cramps occur a few days after the IUI, it could be signaling implantation, or it can also mean that the body is getting ready for periods. It doesn’t mean in certain whether you are pregnant or not

In most cases of IUI treatment in Nepal, abdominal cramps are mild. In such cases, the doctors prescribe pregnancy safe tablets and advise to rest as much as possible.

If the cramps are severe or other symptoms like fever or abnormal vaginal discharge are observed, the doctor has to be contacted immediately

How long does it take to go through IUI?

Once the semen sample is extracted from the man, in about one hour they are processed. In rare cases, depending on the man’s sperm, it takes longer to process them. The processing of donor sperm or frozen sperms takes approximately 45 minutes.

It takes only a few minutes to perform the IUI procedure. The patient is asked to lie still after the procedure for about 10 minutes. In total, the process takes an hour and a half.

IUI Treatment at best among the IUI Centers?

The best medical institution to offer IUI treatment is VenusIVF Nepal where a team of Physicians, fertility experts who are committed to offering the most advanced and complete infertility treatments for Patients. They are dedicated to offering a caring and supportive atmosphere.

At VenusIVF, all the requirements for IUI treatment are performed and also they deliver best infertility services across the world.  VenusIVF has a high success rate in fertilization treatments which gives a hope and confidence to the infertile couple. The VenusIVF in Nepal has an international recognition. The treatments offered are affordable with an assured live birth package for childless couples.

IUI treatment in Nepal is beneficial as they use latest and progressive technology for infertility treatments in male and female. The Rate of success is approximately 40%-80% and within the first three IUI cycles, the pregnancies definitely occur.

IUI fertility treatment procedure followed in VENUSIVF hospital

IUI treatment in Nepal at VenusIVF is a safe and simple procedure. No special precautions are required.  A few minutes of rest after the IUI procedure and normal activities may be resumed.

The IUI treatment depends on how the patient’s body works, their hormonal levels etc. based on which a cycle with or without fertility drugs will be recommended.

Clomid or letzerole with IUI (IUI with fertility drugs)

Just when the period starts a blood test and an ultrasound will be done to confirm of not being pregnant or any ovarian cysts. Confirming everything looks good, oral fertility drugs will be given and continuously monitored.  When the doctor finds out that the ovulation is about to start, they schedule an ultrasound, blood work and start the IUI procedure.

The Procedure of IUI in Nepal

  • Fertility drugs

Before starting the IUI treatment, medicines are given for stimulating Ovulation and carefully monitored during the maturation of the eggs. Once the eggs are matured, IUI treatment will be started with the following procedure.

  • Sperm preparation

The semen sample will be extracted from the male member. The semen contains sperms as well as many other ingredients that are not required for the process. The sperm will be separated from the semen through a special “washing” procedure.

  • Sperm injection

A small thin tube called catheter will be placed in the cervix through which the washed semen (sperm) will be injected into the uterus increasing the chance of fusion and fertilization. Mild cramps may be experienced at this stage.